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CURAD® Tapes

CURAD® tapes are designed to provide effective adhesion for many different functions. Curad’s Ouchless® tapes are stretchy and do not stick to the skin but to itself allowing dressing application in hard to bandage areas. Extra Strength tapes help prevent sprains and provide support for injuries. The All purpose tape has easy tear capabilities and is less noticeable on the skin. Curad’s complete tape line is sure to meet everyone’s needs.

NON-Stick Pads
Tapes Type Count
CUR26101 Cloth Tape 1" x 10yds 1
CUR26001 Paper Tape 1" x 10yds 1
CUR26201 Transparent Tape 1" x 10yds 1
CUR08801 Ouchless Tape 1" x 2.3yds 1
CUR08802 Ouchless Tape 2" x 2.3yds 1
CUR26315 Sports Tape 1.5" x 10yds 1
CUR26301 Sports Tape 1.5" x 10yds 4
CUR47440 Waterproof Tape 1/2" x 5yds 1
CUR47441 Waterproof Tape 1⁄2” x 10yds 1
Waterproof Tape
Cloth Tape Paper Tape Transparent Tape Ouchless Tape Sports Tape